The Fun of Baking

Hello everyone,
I’m new around here. I’m Libby and I have been baking for as long as I can remember. I have been posting baking and cooking related videos and photos on TikTok and Instagram since the start of the year. I recently discovered Greg the Baker’s new baking boxes and really wanted to try one out, videoing the process so other people can see how easy baking can be when most of the ingredients are weighed and provided for you. I like the variety in the boxes as you can practise different techniques and make a range of goodies, whilst involving the whole family.
The item that I am asked to make the most at home would be a Victoria sponge. Purely because of the simplicity, taste and how good it looks as the centrepiece of an afternoon tea table. It is light, airy and relatively quick to make which the fruity scones from the Welcome box reminded me off. Let us know in the comments below what your favourite things to make are?
I really enjoy baking at home for many reasons which I am sure some on you will agree with, one of these is the option to get as creative as you like. There are so many ways to decorate cakes, my favourite way would be the drip effect down the sides of the cake. There are endless flavours to try and infinite ways to present your bakes. 

I have been very lucky as my parents have given me free rein in the kitchen, baking whatever pops into my mind. This makes it more fun to experiment with different recipes to see which bakes are your favourites and which ones are to be added to your personal recipe collections. Something I have learnt to become more aware of is that many of the fabulous recipes on the internet use cups as a measure, which makes it quite hard to weigh ingredients with confidence, as some cup measures can vary quite considerably at times. I would recommend using digital scales to make sure everything is as accurate as possible, especially when making refined bakes like macaroons and gelatine-based desserts. 
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To see more of my bakes, including many of my Britain Loves Baking creations, find me here: @recentlybaked on TikTok and Instagram
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