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Family Baking Boxes Collection

Britain Loves Baking home baking kits UK include all the essentials required for you and your family to recreate some of our favourite cakes, cookies, and cupcakes designs right at home.

kids baking boxes

Create delicious berry & choc, banana cupcakes, fruit & nut muffins, berry cookies, or orange chocolate bread using cake baking starter kit boxes from Britain Loves Baking. With our best home baking kits UK, as well as diverse decorations and baking tools, you can create the cake layers, icing and decorations, and it will cost you less than a tenner!

Treat your kid with a fantastic cupcake baking kit gift or a bread-making box for the upcoming Christmas!


In our bakery blog, you'll find a lot of useful and fascinating information about the baking recipes UK and tips for making the most delicious cakes and cookies.

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