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Due to the costs of implementing new Customs Rules, we will no longer offer free shipping. We are experience in bound delays of ingredients with 5Tonnes held this may cause delays 

Your consumer right of return and refund

As our Products contain fresh and perishable food, you are not entitled to the "normal" right to return goods within 14 days after the day you receive them, simply if you change your mind. This is because the food is likely to have a best before date within only a few days of delivery of the Products.

Right to cancel an order if you notify us before midnight on Wednesday before delivery on a Friday: If you have ordered Products for delivery on Tuesday and then change your mind or decide for any reason that you do not want to receive a Product, you can notify us of your decision (see "How to contact us" below) and cancel your order before midnight on the Friday before the following Tuesday delivery. We agree to cancel your order and will not charge you for it.

Right of return and refund if the Product is defective or not as described: Because you are a consumer, we are under a legal duty to supply Products that are in conformity with this Contract. You have legal rights in relation to Products that are defective or not as described. If the Products we deliver to you are defective or are not as described on our Website, you should contact us and report such defect or misdescription as soon as possible (we ask that this is within 2 days from delivery of the Products and if possible we ask that you send us a photograph as evidence of the defective or misdescribed Product – this will assist in processing your refund quickly).

We will ask you to safely dispose of such Product and if we agree that it is defective or misdescribed (acting reasonably) we will offer you the choice of either a replacement delivery on our next available delivery run or a refund of the price of the Product in full.

We will refund you within 14 days after the day on which (whichever is the earlier of):

We try our best to ensure that our Products are perfect 100% of time, but we are sure you will agree that this is not always possible. In the event of a minor error (for example, failing to include one ingredient which is not the main ingredient, or substituting a red pepper for a yellow pepper) we reserve the right to use our discretion as to whether a full refund is applicable or not. We will act reasonably and may offer you a partial refund or a voucher. We will refund you by the method used by you to pay.

  1. the day on which you provide us with acceptable evidence that the Product is defective or misdescribed and we have agreed for you to throw the Product away safely.
  2. the day on which you provide us with acceptable evidence that you have sent the Product back to us; or
  3. the day we receive the Product back from you;