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Christmas is the favourite time of the year for most people, as we're all looking forward to celebrating it with the closest family and friends. Both kids and adults love this season for traditions like a Christmas tree decorating, preparing gifts, getting the holiday table ready, and, of course, baking holiday spirited pastry. In our bakery blog, you'll find a lot of useful and fascinating information about the baking recipes UK and tips for making the most delicious cakes and cookies.

Serving An Elegant Afternoon Tea– From Home!

Serving an Elegant Afternoon Tea Our Story Begins… with Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, in the early 1800’s. It...
Serving an Elegant Afternoon Tea Our Story Begins… with Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, in the early 1800’s. It is rumoured that she started taking tea and a light afternoon snack privately in her boudoir to hold her over between breakfast and dinner (which was served around 8:00 p.m.). Eventually, she started inviting a few friends to join her for a cuppa, a light bite, and an afternoon walk. It became a popular ritual among her circle and eventually...
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Using our baking recipes for beginners and home baking kits, you will easily win the hearts of your guests with fantastic cupcakes, bread, and other pastry you've made on your own! In our latest articles represented on the bakery blog, you can find reviews at the best Christmas baking gift boxes from Britain Loves Baking. Check them out to determine the box you and your kids will love the most, and proceed to holiday baking recipes for cakes together!  Our bakery blog suggests a wide range of ideas on how to apply baking kits in children's development, and what types of entertainment can baking recipes cookies be included to. Don't know how to spend a holiday weekend since there is the outbreak of Covid-19? Order excellent Christmas dessert boxes from Britain Loves Baking, which goes with fantastic baking recipes UK, and we'll deliver them right to your apartment so that you don't have to leave your home. Spend a wonderful time with your family while baking yummy cupcakes cooked according to our special baking for beginners' recipes. Baking bread recipes at home will help you to create a unique Christmas atmosphere, even in this challenging Coronavirus Pandemic period.