Learning From Baking Mistakes...or not!

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Making pastry-lined foods in our family seems to be quite a complex process, whoever attempts it, something always goes wrong, and we can’t seem to master it!
Last year, my dad was making a quiche for lunch and we had heard that instead of using baking beans, we could use rice to help blind bake the pastry. So, he gave it a go, made it and placed it into the oven. I later came in the kitchen to see the rice scattered all over, stuck into the cooked pastry. He forgot to place baking parchment in between the rice and the pastry. A DISASTER…. We spent the next few hours (literally) plucking rice grains from the pastry in order to use it. Although quite amusing, it was time-consuming and lunch was a little delayed! The same incident occurred again a few months ago, this time my mum was making a lemon meringue pie. She also forgot the baking paper as a barrier between the pastry and the beans, so we had indented pastry with mini craters lining the bottom of the pastry case. This time it didn’t take as long to fix the problem and we were left with a nice dessert.
You would think we would have learned by now, apparently not …
I was making the citrus tart from the second box, the World Baking Box that Greg and his team had created. Everything was going perfectly until I lined the tart case. The third mistake that our family has managed to make, this time being my fault, would be that I forgot to put the disk at the bottom of the tin. Therefore, the pastry would just fall through the middle and make a complete mess in the oven. However, if you watch my videos you won’t see that mistake, it’s all in the editing. Luckily, I spotted what I had done before it went into the oven and I managed to save it. In the end, we were left with a wonderful tart, a crisp base and a flavourful filling.
Here is some proof of it:
Hopefully, this was the last of the pastry conundrums, l will keep you posted if anything else happens.
Comment below with any baking fails you might have experienced.
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