Throw Yourself A Zoom Cake Party


Are you not spending Christmas with the people you love? Whether you want to have a virtual baking date with your partner or a Christmassy baking party with a group of friends, our Christmas baking boxes can help to make that happen! Here's how to have a virtual baking party. We have created a cupcake and macaroon box, each one has 3 bakes so for just £20 for 2 boxes - boom instant cupcake party. 

Set a time and a date

Even though it's virtual, and you'll all be joining from home, make sure that you have a date set up for your virtual baking party - and ensure that everybody attends on time! Also, encourage guests to dress up. It's Christmas after all - why not wear a festive Christmas jumper?

Decide where to host the party

There are lots of virtual conferencing software options for your virtual Christmas party. If there are more than two of you, Zoom is probably your best bet. Try to persuade everyone to set up Zoom on a laptop, so they can easily move it into the kitchen as they bake!

Make sure everybody has their Christmas cake boxes - we are delivering up to the 23rd 

Ensure that everybody orders their cake boxes ahead of time. Every household taking part will need one, but if you are organising the party you could arrange for them all to be sent out. Here's our range of home baking kits.

Get one person to read the instructions

Everyone will have recipe instructions, but get one person to read them out. This way, everybody should stay at the same pace. Keep the conversation going as everybody bakes, and ask lots of questions about how everyone is finding each stage!

Have a decorating competition

When it's time to decorate, you can let your creativity run wild! You could turn this bit into a friendly competition, with an impartial judge deeming the winner. Once the decorating is complete, encourage everybody to save cleaning up until after the call. Because, in the virtual baking party, you can all enjoy your creations together and catch up!

Baking parties are a great way to learn a new skill, create something tasty and spend time with loved ones. Hopefully, this post has shown you that even if it's virtual, you can still have a baking party this year!

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