Lockdown Has Created A Nation of Bakers With Daily Baking Rapidly Becoming The New Norm

We conducted a nation-wide survey in conjunction with the Helen and Douglas House Hospice to determine how much our nation is baking post-lockdown and to see what trends are emerging. We are inspired by the results and are teaming up with Helen and Douglas House Hospice to create a fundraiser to support their mission of providing a home away from home so families can make the most of their time together and create happy memories during their children’s short lives.


Our new survey from reveals 51% are now baking more post-lockdown with 39% of the UK bakers being Men. 50% of the bakers in the  East of England, East Midlands and Northern Ireland are now baking daily.


  • 71% claim to bake more than once a week
  • 51% currently bake a lot more after Lockdown
  • Baking is bringing the nation together with over 30% baking with partners, 40% with their children; 16% with their parents.

1STof September 2020, London. A new national survey undertaken by Britain Loves Baking in conjunction with the Helen and Douglas House Hospice in Oxford seeking insights into the attitudes and behaviours of the Nation’s home bakers has revealed that Lockdown has ignited the baker in all of us. 71% of respondents in this new national online survey claim to now be baking more than once a week, while pre-Lockdown only 31% of the UK population baked once a week or more. This is corroborated by 51% of the sample stating that they bake a lot more now post pandemic which suggests that our new found love for creating our own baked goods is here to stay. 



It seems that this passion is now being shared by everyone, with the survey results showing that these new baking enthusiasts are aged 18-34. Further, 35% of homes taking part in the survey have under 18’s baking for their household. Lockdown is raising a new generation of dedicated home bakers. The survey surprisingly revealed that 39% of respondents are male bakers (this equates to 6.2 million men)!  In fact, 53% of the male respondents stated that they bake at least once a week, to a few times a week. That equates with three times as many as the 2 million men that play football weekly in the UK. So, it seems that baking is no longer the domain of ladies and families, but now men and younger adults have discovered a passion for baking traditional homemade bread and baked treats.



There is also a marked regional variation in the frequency of home baking. Interestingly this new found passion for baking seems to be most popular amongst homes in the East of England and Northern Ireland East Midlands where 50% bake every day. Meanwhile, in the South West, the North East, the West Midlands and Yorkshire over 50% of respondents stated that they bake more than a few times each week.  



The survey also revealed that baking is a very social affair with people baking for many reasons. Generally, baking is seen as a great way of bonding with others (as reported by 40% of respondents) and as a relief from stress (38%), but people also bake for other reasons such as the sheer pleasure of the process, to relieve lockdown boredom, and to enjoy the yummy creation of their labour. We are baking more, and more together, with nearly a third of respondents saying that they bake with their partners, 40% bake with their children, and 16% with their parents. 



Our Baking Initiative: These survey results are a very positive marker for the success of a fundraising initiative – ‘Bake It ‘Til You Make It - Virtual Bake Off’ competition that is being organised by the Helen and Douglas House Hospice in partnership with Britain Loves Baking: the well-known home of family baking boxes. This ‘Virtual Bake Off’ aims to raise much needed funds to support the work of the Hospice with terminally ill babies and children in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. The competition will also celebrate National Baking Week.


Greg Wixted CEO of Britain Loves Baking commented: “We’re proud to partner with this wonderful charity and to be part of the ‘Virtual Bake Off’. I could not think of a better way for the nation to take time out and bake for fun and at the same time do some good for this amazing charity.  It is great to see from our survey that so many children, young adults and families are getting back to baking and we’re expecting some fabulous entries! As a company that believes in people before profits, we’re committed to  supporting  people in the mindfulness of baking as well as being able to support the Helen and Douglas House Hospice by supplying our baking boxes to the contestants taking part in the ‘Virtual Bake Off’


For children or novice bakers that want to enter the ‘Bake It ‘Til You Make It - Virtual Bake Off’ competition but need to brush upon on their baking skills, Britain Loves Baking provides a series of FREE baking courses to help everyone learn new skills, bake new and exciting recipes or learn to bake their favourite treats. These course are available  through subscription to their YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW9Nkq05_1_HRJHTpIOBiHQ




About Britain Loves Baking

As the Covid-19 global pandemic took hold, and with increased time at home for all the family, baking has once again taken centre stage in UK family life. Britain Loves Baking is an innovative response to these changed circumstances, allowing consumers to access hard to get ingredients and providing baking inspiration straight to their doors and is well-known as the home of family baking. Bakers UK-wide, including many celebrity customers, have been enjoying the company’s baking boxes during lockdown. These baking boxes provide all the ambient and dry ingredients and recipes needed to help learn new baking skills, and create amazing bakery quality treats at home.


The ‘Bake It ‘Til You Make It - Virtual Bake Off’ competition takes place on the 18th October  and entrants will have the opportunity to show their virtual baking skills to a panel of celebrity judges including Karisha Pithwa from Crème De La Cakes, featured on Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers, Molly Robbins from Sugar and Crumbs, featured on Channel 4's Extreme Cake Makers, and local girl Emily Martin, a 14 year old up-and-coming baking star who has raised over £4,700 for the charity by baking cakes in memory of her friend Izzy who died at the hospice. More information can be found here:  https://www.helenanddouglas.org.uk/event/bake-it-til-you-make-it/

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