How Much Does Britain Really Love Baking Turns Out a Lot?

We’ve known for a while now that Britain loves baking, that’s probably not a surprise to anyone. In fact, a survey conducted by Statista in 2017 estimated that approximately half of all UK adults bake from scratch at home. However, you might not know that before (gestures widely) all of this baking was actually on a decline. Data from May 2019 reported that combined, sweet and savory baking occasions were down 8%. But, as we have pointed out in other blog posts the Covid-19 Pandemic brought a resurgence to British homes and suddenly everyone was firing up the oven once again. This time, we decided to conduct our own survey because we wanted to find out just how much Britain Loves Baking– 


With increased time at home for all the family, baking has once again taken center stage in UK family life. In fact over half of the sample reported that they were baking “a lot more often” during lock-down. Our survey also found that 40% of bakers are baking with children in their home while about 33% bake with their partners. Baking during lock-down is a social affair for the entire family to enjoy. Based on comments written in by survey participants, home bakers are saying they bake for the sheer pleasure of the process, to enjoy the results, to pass the time during lock-down and to bond with family and friends.


We also found out that people of all ages and genders are getting into the kitchen to bake. While the majority of bakers are women, there is a growing number of male bakers joining the fray and, as a male baker myself, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see the men picking up a whisk all over the country. Interestingly, it seems that these male baker tend to be be younger than their female counterparts. It seems we may have a new generation of male bakers coming along.


Speaking of a new generation, when we asked who in the house is doing the baking, it turns out in 35% of homes it’s children under 18. As we discussed last week, baking can teach children so many important things and while the kids are home from school this is a perfect opportunity to get them in the kitchen and started down the path toward Top Baker. 


And finally, although this isn’t surprising to us, when we asked what is the main reason you bake, it was clear that the joy of baking predominates… along with the pleasure of enjoying the result of this baking but we certainly can’t blame you for that. For some, baking acts as a valuable way of relaxing and destressing and as a method of self-expression. 


Britain is baking more than ever. People are baking or the sheer pleasure of the process, to enjoy the results, to pass the time during lock-down and to bond with family and friends and this panel suggest that these new baking enthusiasts are biased to 18-34 years old with a strong wave of young bakers following in their footsteps. We’re impressed by this surge of baking passion in Britain and we’re proud to help fuel the fire, or shall we say oven?

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