What's in the Box?

BLB baking Box
Our baking boxes are the perfect way for you to get creative in your kitchen. With top quality ingredients and easy to follow specially created recipes, we will help you to make sweet treats or mouth-watering breads that cannot fail to impress your family and friends. Whether you like to bake alone as a little ‘me time’ or to get your family involved in the kitchen, our Baking Boxes are just so simple to use that baking from scratch will become second nature – no more shop bought bread or cakes packed with additives!


When you open one of our Baking Boxes it’s like opening a veritable Pandora’s Box! We provide only the best for our bakers and our Baking Boxes are packed with beautifully hand prepared, additive free ingredients prepared and chosen by us, many of which you just can’t buy in the shops. Our cocoa powder is a real chocoholics dream. It’s just the chocolatiest of cocoa powders made from the finest African cacao beans using 24% cocoa butter/fat. And our dehydrated fruits smell as fresh as when they were plucked from the tree! It’s the love and care that we put into the ingredients in our Baking Boxes that makes them so special. 


As with everything that we do here at Britain Loves Baking, our recipes are crafted with love by our very own baking guru, ‘Greg The Baker’. They are specially created, tried and tested, and are designed with easy to follow step-by-step instructions that will appeal to all levels of home baker. Whether you’re flipping marvellous with flapjacks, the best with baking brownies, or are just learning the difference between folding and mixing, you will never feel out of your depth with our Baking Box recipes. You’ll learn new skills and create fabulous bakes that will be the envy of your friends, family and work colleagues.


Our Baking Boxes contain all the dry and ambient ingredients that you will need to bake the recipes that are contained within your box. We also provide hints and tips, and you never know you may even receive some extra goodies if our bakers are feeling extra generous! 


Our Baking Boxes provide enough bakes to feed the family and more for a month (although we can’t guarantee this as your bakes will be so yummy and moreish!), and we’re regularly creating new recipes and Baking Boxes for you to enjoy.  We offer a no hassle service with NO commitment to a monthly subscription so that you can buy a new Baking Box whenever you’re feeling kitchen creative.  Baking Boxes start at only £17.00 with FREE delivery to Mainland UK and there’s something for every baker from baking classics to fancy breads and more.