Britain Loves Baking started as the COVID 19 Pandemic took hold, creating increased time at home for all the family. Baking once again, and as it always has done during a crisis, took centre stage in the lives of families across Great Britain. Britain Loves Baking is an innovative first-to-market response to these changed circumstances. Having seen the effects covid was having on everyone. We wanted to create a different business model and create baking boxes that not only taste good but do good to. A business that puts people & our purpose over profits and shareholders. We do this by creating accessible and affordable baking experiences the new skills, inspire to learn to or try a new bake. We provide support and content for free that teach kids how to bake and learn more about where their food comes from. We promote the benefits that Baking brings to those who are suffering from mental health issues

We remove all the fuss, friction & unnecessary cost by giving customers the right amount of everything they need in a box to make the perfect bread or cake recipe. We move all the hassle of sourcing all hard-to-find ingredients. There is no waste. We simplified complex Baking and the science in Baking and used clever know how so consumers can master macaroon, to French baguette first time and every time. We saved them up to 30% they paid in Hidden costs (ingredients they are expected to buy alongside the box)! We reinvented Baking and made it ambient, so boxes can be keep them longer so customers could bake what they wanted, when they wanted with no extra costs needed in these challenging times.


Britain Loves Baking came about when 3 brothers & food entrepreneurs lead by Greg Wixted, who helped his younger brothers set up and launch Love Food & More in Australia's Northern Territory after the major supermarkets and meal solution companies closed their online operations in Australia at the start the global pandemic.

Determined not to see their 10-year-old business go to the wall, they also saw the how not having food supplies left many locals in remote locations with limited access to food delivery.  They felt and saw the huge social and business impact the pandemic was having in their local community from key workers to the elderly, local businesses, to farmers and villages, and decided to act on this situation

The older of the three a serial entrepreneur started engineering a multimillion dollar business in 8 days. working with their amazing suppliers to build a hyper short sustainable supply chain. They worked with small and local producers and employed local people to create yummy and delicious food & grocery boxes made and delivered locally.

Local Food and More was born and now ready to feed the local community and keep the local economy alive during the pandemic, and after working around the clock and in 8 days they had an operation up and running and they found themselves feeding 11,000 families in 4 weeks,

Greg had to cut his visit short and return to the UK working at night with his brother, they used the  next 14 days to bring a version of Local Food and More to market, in the UK, in Leicester and the orders came flying in. But all the customers kept asking for was the same thing, baking ingredients Greg who is a trained baker and Michelin chef like his brothers spent 12 days working on 3 baking boxes and the first baking boxes were delivered locally, including fresh ingredients (not a good idea in summer) , another 4 weeks later of customer feedback and Britain Loves Baking was born (it was the first thing Greg typed in to his browser to see if there were  companies selling baking boxes. Nothing, he thought “why the FXXX has no one ever done this”? it’s so simple. the name Britain Loves Baking was also available, and it was free, so he grabbed it and spent 3 days retrofitting a brand around the name before taking it to customers to test the idea.

16 months of trading and £250K   in revenue and that its on track to triple in 2022 and every penny will be ploughed back into this business as these brothers are no longer driven by profit but by purpose and their people. They are going to do business in a very different way and that's why the Bakers Bundle business was acquired to be gifted and run by the staff to ensure they are never without income and so they can always but bread on their table for their families. There is one more chapter to this story and that journey is about to begin whereby these bothers disrupt the baking industry one more time with Kids Love Baking…