Cakery Wonderland Baking Bond

This page contains all the information on our bakers bond offering. Whilst we have tried you give you an accurate of what you can expect when you buy a bakers bond , we would like to draw your attention to the following important investment warnings.

  • The value of investments and the income derived from them can go down as well as up;
  • Investors may not get back the amount they invested - losing one's £20, £50 or £100 s a real risk;
  • Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

if we didn't think we could make this work we wouldn't have put £220k into this business, and we are still here two years later. If you haven't already done so please read the attached business plan for the Cakery Wonderland Project. And if your still interested you can buy a Bakers Bond by clicking the link below BUY A BAKER BOND


We are looking to raise up to £20,000 so we can launch our new affordable purpose-driven brand Kids Love Baking, a range of affordable educational baking kits for kids, and our new  Range of Fresh Afternoon Tea Festival Picnic Boxes. We plan to launch them this summer and have been invited to a series of food and family festivals including Alex James's The Big Feastival, Free Cotton's Happy Place Festivals, and The Fantastic Food Festivals and

As part of the deal, we will be the sole vendor of a range at the events, with free or reduced-cost retail space in the main food area as well as the demonstration area and planned dedicated activities sessions for kids and parents.

We will always have free from local collection agents who we will pay up to 15% of the sale price for allowing customers to come and pick up their products. It gets rid of those horrid courier companies who make billions from losing ours and your goods. But it gives much-needed income to mums and dads, schools, food charities, community centers, local shops, and churches.

Not only that, 5% of the revenue will go to food charities that can give out kids baking boxes to those who right now can't afford it, so those kids can learn to bake just like all the kids across the country. 

10% of our revenue will go to a  fund that will enable any young person with a great food idea to get their business off the ground with a grant of up to £10,000 and space in a 2,500sqm production facility and be mentored by and have access to all our baking know-how.


So we can help people move out of the poverty trap and create a brighter future for their families and won't have to suffer the indignity of asking for help at food banks.  To ensure that the business is sustainable and future-proofed it will be majority-owned by the staff and the founders of all the food businesses we have funded so everyone can always put bread on their family's table and their kids and grandkids

The minimum is £20 for a loan note (Bakers Bond ) with 20%  cash interest for 3 months. If we pay it back early you still get your 20% or you can have 50% added to a shopping voucher. So a £20 bond would give you £24 cash or £30 shopping in credit. £50 would give you £60 back or £75 shopping credit. 


The fund would be used for capital investment and the lease deposits on a chilled van Lase and new bakery kit and a high-speed packer. £4,000 will be returned at the end of Oct from the van and lease equipment hire and a high-speed packing machine

The funds will go into a separate company and will be ringfenced. All event reThe funds will go into a separate company and will be ringfenced. All event revenue will flow into the Everyone Love Baking Ltd Account and we will provide management accounts each month so you can see where the money goes and will be overseen by an independent accountant.