Why baking boxe an alternative Christmas party

Workplace Christmas parties are going to look different this year. Whether you're working remotely or coming together in a socially distanced way, it's likely that teams and departments won't be able to celebrate in their usual style. If you can't face the thought of more awkward quizzes over Zoom, why not try something a bit different? For a more interactive option, we think that Christmas baking might just be the way forward...

A great way to celebrate, delivered right to your door

You can opt to have baking boxes delivered to your office, to give out as gifts, or you can have them sent straight to your team members at their homes. This means that anyone who is still working remotely, or who is still shielding due to health issues, can feel just as included! There are amazing festive options like Christmas cupcake boxes or our new gingerbread house baking box to choose from.

Once you've all safely received your Christmas baking box, why not coordinate a virtual meeting - laptops charged up and in the kitchen whilst everyone tries their hand at producing a show-stopping extravaganza of Christmas baking? If you're feeling adventurous, why not get some guest judges to decide whose bake has been the most proficient. There might not be the option to taste test, but it's a novel way to keep your team engaged and entertained in this very alternative Christmas party!

Fun and inclusive

We've got a huge range of recipes to choose from at lots of different price points to suit various budgets. Check out our full selection to see some festive favourites! The best bit is that our boxes can cater for different dietary requirements - among our sweet and savoury selections you can find vegetarian and gluten-free options.

It doesn't have to be a solo pastime either because family members can get involved in the fun and of course, they'll get to enjoy the end results. Whether that's the fabulous chocolate sugar cookies with berry icing, Christmas focaccia with truffle, sundried tomato and pesto or something else from our fabulous Christmas range, we're sure you'll find a fun baking box that can be used as a Christmas activity for your colleagues and friends!