How To Make the Most Amazing Mess - Eton Mess Chocolate Bar !

You know summer is coming when Eton Mess recipes start to up on social media, so this summer we thought we would pay homage to this iconic British dessert with our version; Make A Mess Chocolate Bar Kit. A mix of dried sliced and freeze-dried strawberries, crunchy meringue, some chewy marshmallows,  2 bags of creamy white  and a bag of milk chocolate chips and strawberry sugar crystals.

Our 36% cocoa butter white chocolate offers a creamy, vanilla flavour using only the finest quality ingredients and nothing artificial.  Most of the ingredients have been made in Bakery Towers using only natural ingredients sourced locally and a bit of baking science in a 120g bar of blended Belgian white chocolate. Well, these are the ingredients you get, how you create is really up to you.

There is no hard and fast rules to making Your Own Mess..but follow these tips and you wont go wrong. There is also a 12 page Cocoa Booklet with lots of inspirational ideas beyond Your Mess 



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