Lemon and Olive Oil Bundt Cake Recipe

Prep: 20 MIN

Cook: 1.5 HOUR

 Ingredients from your Baking box:
    You will also need:

    300g Caster sugar 

    5 Eggs

    120ml Citrus juice 


    110ml Olive Oil

    250g Plain Flour

    5g Baking powder

    3g Salt

    100ml Citrus Syrup (keep a few drops back to add to the icing)

    80g Icing sugar


    The Recipe

    1. Cream together the butter and sugar until they are light and fluffy
    2. Add the plain flour, almond flour and vanilla and stir through
    3. Start to add the eggs, stirring the mixture as you add each one
    4. Next, add the olive oil and lemon juice and zest and incorporate into the mixture
    5. Last, add the polenta and baking powder and fold through
    6. Pour the mixture into a greased lined Bundt cake tin and cook for 1 hour at 160c (fan) 170c normal or until a skewer comes out clean
    7. When the cake is cooled, mix the icing mix with some with 15mls of water (a tablespoon of water) 
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