Updated Covid Statement February17th 2021

Dear Baker’s


You can continue to order from us for all your essential ingredients and baking boxes. But due to the huge demand shipping will take longer  We know this is an uncertain time, and we’re here to deliver for you, as well as many other small online businesses who need all of us now more than ever.

Delivering to you safely

We’re focused on ensuring all are deliveries are safe at all times. The Government has previously said that COVID-19 is not known to be transmitted by exposure to food or food packaging.

Contact-free delivery & the suspension of click and collect 
All Fedex deliveries are contact-free delivery so your courier will leave your order at your door or at a location you have specified when you made your order.Due to the huge demand for online shopping our courier companies have placed some restrictions in place. There will no longer be 24 next shipping it will now take up to 72 hours or longer for delivery, this is beyond our control, We ask you to please take this into consideration when ordering.  

No shipping without a contact number, or email to ensure you and the courier company can track your packages, they will no longer accept orders that do not have a contact number or email nor will you be able to claim for any losses/damage or returns without a contact number. or email. This will be deleted after 21 days

We love having your drop by to collect your orders and have a natter, but  we are going to have to suspend this until further notice. 

Food Hygiene & Safety Management
We maintain a 5* Food Standards and adhere to HACCP standards a preventive approach to food safety and all our staff have level 2 or above food handling certification and we follow the most up to date COVID Workplace Secure Guidance and we deploy a food safe disinfectant fog once a week in our production facility

Supporting our staff
We’ve been providing staff PPE face masks, hand sanitiser and provide Ubers free of charge to and from work and we will now take two COVID tests a week instead of one

Due to the increase in business we have had to upscale our operations, as we   add extra pack and pick shifts, this will causing  short bursts of operational delays when we have to stop to onboard new staff and also to allow for those staff to isolate before working for us. So we can no longer process same day orders. It will also take longer to respond to your emails as our staff are required to remain at there workstations  during their shift except for permitted breaks, we love chatting to you day or night  so until restrictions are lifted it will have to be office hours only.

Supporting our customers
 Our Mindfulness Box Initiative is a baking box is for those stressful, anxious moments or when you need to take some time out during lockdowns. You may know someone who is alone or venerable or shielding, sending them one of our Mindful boxes is a thoughtful way to say your here for them. Or just gift one as n random act of kindness during these uncertain times.

We produce the box at cost and sell it for £10 the difference will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation, the UK’s leading charity for everyone’s mental health. This is part of our company purpose to help promote the physical and mental health benefits that baking provides.

We are gifting 10 boxes a week rro those who need it most, so if you know someone who could do with one, we will deliver it free of charge, please email us on production@britainlovesbaking.com 


Take care of yourself & others and stay safe.

The Britain Loves Baking Team

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