Create A Kids Party For £50 ?

A study from the UK’s leading money-saving brand has revealed that over two thirds of British parents throw their children a birthday party every single year. According to the results, the average birthday party costs £320.50, with a further £175.80 on average then spent on birthday presents.

According to the research, the average parent of a primary school aged child spends almost £500 on them, split between a party and presents, to celebrate their birthday. Furthermore, two thirds of UK parents throw parties for their children every single year.

The team at vouchercloud undertook the study as part of ongoing research into the amount of money that gets spent on British children. 2,104 Brits aged 18 and over, all of whom stated they had a child between the ages of 4 and 10 years old, were all quizzed about the amount of money that they spend on their children.

Unless you’re a professional party planner, you probably face the prospect of organizing your kids' birthday parties with a groan and a sigh. Where will the party take place? How many children should you invite? What will be the entertainment? And most of all, how much will it all cost

You know what we left that to the Bundling Buyers and they came back with the answer to all our prayers Our Birthday Baking Box is the perfect solution for any kids party for up to 12 Big Kid Adults or 12 Kids. We have bundled so much into this amazing box to offer real value to our customers from a little over £3.50 per person. Our Party in a box not only comes with all the ingredients weighed out and measured, but everything you need to make and decorate:

  • A 9" (21cm) Birthday cake 
  • 12 summer cupcakes 
  • 16 Brownie cake

But the fun doesn't stop there we have added this years on trend party must have a:

  • Traditional Mexican Pinata 
  • Comes with 1Kg of retro sweets, chews and lollies
  • A big bag containing 74 surprises & toys 
  • A lot of confetti 

When we say we bundled it all, we mean it. You box includes 24 napkins, 12 plates, 12 cups, 12 straws, birthday cake candles & Happy Birthday plaque, 4 dual piping bags to create wonder unicorn or rainbow cupcakes, 4 large piping bags, 2X nozzles, cake board, cake decorating comb and cupcake cases (24) 

Bakeware Bundle Add on:  You may have all the kit to get baking as soon as you box arrives and for some baking is new so we have created this Birthday Baking Bundle for just £12 and its 58% cheaper than Amazon (priced checked 25th of June) includes: A digital over timer2x,21cm cake pans, silicone muffin tray, a 10" 23 cm, palate knife, cake tester and wire cooling rack. retails for £28.85, but for your £12 (must be ordered at the same time as your Birthday Bundle)

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