Get remote team motivation ‘boxed off’ by letting them eat cake!

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it’s estimated that by 2025, 70% of us will be working from home!


That doesn’t have to be an isolating and stressful experience. Nor do staff need to find their working day dull compared to the social environment of a shared office.

Here, we look at four ingenious ways to boost productivity and motivation in remote workers, by offering them opportunities to enjoy traditional British baking!

<b>Ingredients for better workplace mental health</b>

Increasing numbers of forward-thinking employers are finding creative ways to support the mental health of their remote teams. This is leading to the growing popularity of our baking boxes for employees.

Let’s look at some of the sobering statistics before we explore the delights and benefits of getting baking fun in a box.

Giving staff more help with mental health in the workplace could save UK businesses an incredible £8 billion, with drastically reduced absenteeism too. That’s according to figures from the Mental Health Foundation ( who also report that 1 in every 6.8 people suffers from mental health issues at work.

Did you know that it’s also nearly twice as likely that women working full-time struggle with this, rather than men?

Yet, the solutions can be surprisingly simple and can include showing that you’re an empathetic and caring employer, providing social stimulation and holistic support to create a nurturing corporate culture.

How do fun baking experiences fit in with this glaring need for ‘emotionally intelligent’ leadership in modern companies?

Here are just some of the ways a staff baking box can give your employees a boost and win ‘brownie points’ for the boss!

<b>Rewards, incentives and team building</b>

Sending corporate baking boxes, with all the ingredients and instructions to bake some authentically delicious comfort food, is a fabulous staff gift. It can be used to show appreciation for a job well done or just to say ‘congratulations’ for a birthday or some other special occasion.

It’s a lovely gesture that can build a strong connection between head office and remote workers.

Our ‘Bakertainment’ boxes provide everything needed to create a very grown-up baking project (such as our red wine chocolate cake kit). Employers can also make themselves popular if they send staff everything they need to get their children involved in a Bake Along challenge (

That glow of appreciation will last far longer than the delicious cakes!

<b>Mindful baking for staff</b>

Particularly in stressful jobs, or ones with the pressure of many deadlines, giving employees support in developing mindfulness can be invaluable. This means encouraging and empowering staff to take regular time out, to de-stress, relax and focus on something joyful.

The result of mindfulness activities is often greater clarity and increased energy, as well as feeling better able to cope.

Do you need a simple way to encourage mindfulness among your staff? Our Mindful Baking Boxes are ideal! (

<b>Informal childcare support</b>

Some creative and caring employers have issued work-from-home staff with a mini baking course for their children, using our fabulous and easy-to-follow boxes.

If you’re working from home during the school holidays, offering your little ones a regular baking session, with a certificate and Junior Top Baker Apron as a prize, can bring some much-needed peace and quiet once the supervised baking session is done.

<b>Bake Your Brand</b>

Another great way to use our corporate baking boxes is to create an in-person team-building initiative when staff do gather or return to work at HQ.

Alternatively, you can commission branded boxes of baking ingredients and instructions. What a memorable way to show your brand identity in a unique corporate gift! These delicious baking boxes for clients and suppliers will make you memorable and much-appreciated.

For details of branded baking boxes for unusual corporate gifts, or more ideas on how to use baking experiences as an employer, get in touch with our team today.

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