Our Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic?


As our businesses were set up during the outbreak of Covid19, we put measures in place so we could operate our businesses as usual. In line with our courier company, we have had to  make adjustments to  our delivery times and days, so that we can deal safely and efficiently with the high volumes of orders including night time production, hence many of those who have been baking late into the night can always find some on chat or email to deal with you baking questions.



All our boxes are packed to the highest possible hygiene standards. We follow the high standards as all food manufacturers and all our team have enhanced food hygiene and some up to level 5. We have been working with innovative companies like Environmental Biotech and we discharge their disinfectant Cans twice a week and its had been certified food safe and kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria enabling to keep our production up and running



Our boxes are delivered via FedEx and we have been working closely with the monitor and track your boxes. There are no restrictions on Food Delivery at this time and have been taking this time to reduce our packaging and testing new box formats, hence we introduced shrink wrapping of all large boxes, which provides your box with extra security and little to no risk of tampering, we have been approved to ship our boxes to the USA directly which is overnight.



Our team is spread around the globe as far away as Australia so we have been home working and know it well, All our systems are cloud-based and every team member is set up to work from home, like everyone we are required to be in the production facility and we have social distancing measures in place for this include a full temperature scanning and recording.  If you would like to talk to me or ask any questions, please feel free to and drop Greg Wixtedm Chief Baking Offer thebakers@britainlovesbaking.com

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