Our Mindfulness Baking Box Initiative

Our Mindfulness Box Initiative is the baking box that does good and is good for you. The box is for those stressful, anxious moments or when you need to take some time out during lockdowns. You may know someone who is alone or venerable or shielding, sending them one of our Mindful boxes is a thoughtful way to say your here for them. Or just gift one as n random act of kindness during these uncertain times.

We will produce the box at cost and sell it for £10 and the difference will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation, the UK’s leading charity for everyone’s mental health.

This initiative is part of our company purpose to help promote the physical and mental health benefits that baking provides. From the 1st of January 2021, 10% of all profits from our baking boxes will be ringfenced and committed to mindful baking projects that make a direct impact in the community and each year we will release an impact report and publish the amount given to the projects and the outcome will be published on our website, this is be on top of any donations and initiatives we support.

We will be giving 10 a week away, if you know of anyone how would love one please nominate them by emailing me at thebakers@britainlovesbaking.com

 Greg G Wixted
Founder & CEO
Everyone Loves Baking 
December 4th 2020
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