Most expensive baking box of Christmas treats retails for £39,000

With just a month until Christmas, Britain Loves Baking, a direct-to-consumer baking box company which was established during the COVID pandemic, has unveiled the world's most expensive baking box full of luxurious seasonal treats.


Costing £39,000, the box was dreamed up by the ex-director of food of Harrods and Selfridges, Bruce Langlands, and Michelin trained chef and Britain Loves Baking founder, Greg Wixted. It includes the recipes for 10 occasions throughout the season, including the ingredients to create showstopping centrepieces for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve dinner parties, plus bakes for breakfast and treats, serving 6-8 to 12 portions per recipe.


The contents of each hand-crafted box include everything required to create a real festive feast of decadent bakes, sweet treats, breads and desserts.


Some highlights include the South African coin the Krugerrand to add to your Christmas puddings instead of the traditional sixpence, a 40-year-old rare whiskey to soak your Christmas cake, and the ingredients for a Smoked Chocolate Whisky Cake using Rare Harvest New Zealand Manuka Honey which costs £1,200 per 250g.


To’ak chocolate is also included to craft your own chocolate Christmas house which sits atop of your Christmas Celebration cake (£900) and features a roof that hides mini Le Grand Louis XVI chocolates by Debauve and Gallais at £750 for 200g.


For breakfasts and lunches, there are all the steps to create Royal bread rolls using Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Rosé 2008 champagne and hand-milled Andalusian flour which blends 250 mg of gold dust for a crusty Golden Loaf and afternoon tea donuts filled cherry truffle and To’ak  El Nino Harvest 2016 chocolate and a filling made from Sato Nishiki Cherries,


Speaking about the baking box, Bruce Langlands commented, "This baking box is essential for anyone who is a self-confessed foodie and is looking to bring true decadence to their Christmas festivities."


Boxes are hand-delivered to any UK address and all the recipes and guides are included on a dedicated streaming tablet that comes included. Plus, buyers get 10-day access to a pastry chef and baker for 12 hours a day who can provide tips and suggestions! For those who want to forego this option, it can reduce the cost by £6,000.


The crowning glory of the baking box is the Gingerbread County House Estates gingerbread house. Available in four designs, the house comes complete with blueprints and is created by top architects and designers including contemporary artist Laura Harold, home designer and architect Paul Lyon, and cake decorator Jackie de Broise.


Langlands said, "Gingerbread houses are such fun and offer a real experience, especially this year, whether you are looking for a family activity, using the finished item as a focal point for seasonal décor or as the perfect gift for a foodie. I can highly recommend whichever option you go for. Have fun!"


Britain Loves Baking has gingerbread houses available from £39 to £150 for those who don’t want to splash out on the full baking box. Find out more here:

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