Learning to Bake in a Pandemic: A New Passion for Britain's Young People

Stress baking is a very real thing, and many young people are learning to bake for the first time in the time of coronavirus and COVID-19. Find out why!

Being isolated during a worldwide pandemic sure has changed life for Britain's young people.
Not being able to do what you'd normally do - go out to bars and restaurants, attend events, visit galleries and museums, go to work - has made a lot of 20 and 30-somethings go back to the drawing board. One thing that's become extremely popular during COVID-19 is learning to bake.
Stress baking is something that experienced bakers have known about for a while, but during these uncertain times, young Brits are beginning to understand the many virtues of baking. Learning a new skill during a pandemic is undoubtedly a good use of time and why not get some delicious treats out of it as well?
Why Britain's Young People Are Learning to Bake
Since we've all had so much spare time, it's not surprising to see so many people learning how to bake. Shows like Bakeoff being so popular and so binged during isolation has given people the inspiration they need to pick up a recipe and try some new things out.
Baking is also an incredible distraction from what's going on in the world. Instead of watching or listening to the news, which is almost never positive, baking allows you to shut it all out and do something productive. The feeling of making something delicious from scratch is enough to get anyone out of an isolation funk.
Overcoming Beginner Baking Challenges
When you're a beginner, baking can seem awfully daunting. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources out there that including Britain Loves Baking Ingredient Boxes are place you can turn to as you're learning how to bake. It's always important to understand that you're not going to be Paul or Prue overnight, you've got to learn to love baking and you'll eventually master the fundamentals over time.
For instance, bread is something that seems so simple, and yet, it takes a lifetime to master. But, is there anything better to get you through a stressful isolation period than kneading and whacking your dough? Is there anything more gratifying than a cucumber and cheese sandwich on bread that you made by yourself?
No. Baking is proven to relieve stress and provide you comfort in trying times. Let bread guide us through this.
Where to Get Help
One of the best parts of learning to bake is the amazing community of British bakers that love to help one another. With such an influx of young bakers popping up during the pandemic, we're going to see this community grow and change in an amazing way. When you're a young baker, you have to find the right kinds of resources to support your baking growth.
At Britain Loves Baking, we have an amazing blog designed to appeal to bakers of all backgrounds. It's especially helpful to turn to our helpful and informative posts when you're new to baking and stuck on something. We also have loads of amazing recipes for any skill level and we can help you stock up on whatever baking tools and accessories you might need or you can just head to Facebook and chat with Greg the Baker or join our baking advice group.
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