5 reasons children love to bake

Baking has always been a fantastic activity for people of all ages. But it is particularly fun for children, and as well as having a lot of educational benefits, it is something they enjoy. Take a look at these five reasons why kids just love to bake.

Messy fun

We've all heard the expression 'a messy child is a happy child' and what better than getting messy with a purpose? Children can dive right in with baking, pouring ingredients, kneading dough and icing cakes. Sticky fingers galore!

Creativity and calm

Baking allows children to explore and express their creativity. Encouraging their imagination is always important, and it allows them to have lots of fun. From choosing a design and picking flavours to decorating, kids will be able to express themselves. Not only that, but baking can also be relaxing and create a real sense of peace and calm.

Quality time

Baking helps encourage independent skills but it also gives a great reason to work together. Children can enjoy quality time with their parents, siblings and friends when baking. This enhances bonding time and helps produce happy memories.

A sense of accomplishment

Nothing is better for a child's morale and confidence than a sense of accomplishment. In baking, a mix of basic ingredients is transformed into something impressive. They will learn through this that working hard and concentrating leads to positive results. Their bakes will be something to be proud of and show off, and then something to share with those they love.

Delicious outcome

The outcome is easily one of the best parts of baking! And what child doesn't love a tasty treat? Children can choose flavours and ingredients to make their favourite snack. They could also bake choosing another person's favourites, to create birthday cakes or gifts for family, friends or teachers.

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