Baking activities for kids to do for Pancake Day

Baking activities for kids to do for Pancake Day

Lemon and sugar? Maple syrup and bacon? Strawberries and chocolate sauce? Or even something savoury? It can be tough to make a final decision on the best pancake topping out there, but whichever your family’s favourite, it’s time to get those pans out and start prepping for pancake day.

Getting the kids involved

Pancakes are super easy to make, so are a great baking option for kids of any age. Plus, they typically only need minimal ingredients; you may even have what you need already in your cupboard. Different age groups will be able to participate in different parts of the process, depending on their motor skills and dexterity, but adult supervision is always recommended when it comes to handling the pan.

For kids age seven and over, it’s probably best that adults heat the pan – when the pancake is ready to be flipped, kids can then practise tossing them (again, under supervision). Otherwise, younger kids can help weigh and sift the flour, break the eggs, and measure out any liquids. If you’re keen to get educational with your pancakes, measuring and weighing ingredients is a great way to practise some maths, too. Or, kids can read out the recipe and check their vocabulary.

It’s possible you’ll all get a little sticky or messy, but that’s half the joy of Pancake Day!

Wondering why Pancake Day is called Shrove Tuesday? ‘Shrove’ comes from the word ‘shrive’, which means doing penance in order to absolve people from their sins. Typically, Christians would try to be ‘shriven’ before Lent, going to Confession. That’s why Pancake Day always precedes Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

Try out a baking kit

If you’re keen to get the whole family involved in baking some spirit-raising pancakes, we’ve got the perfect family baking kits for you. Why not check out the decadent family pancake baking box? Or, for those of you who are diehard chocolate fans, our Ruby Chocolate is a luxurious treat melted on a pancake – just add banana. Plus, if you’re missing any key baking utensils, you can easily purchase them on our online store.

So what are you waiting for? Get flipping!
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