Eggciting Easter Egg Making

It’s so rewarding to make chocolate Easter eggs at home, especially when the results are as good as this. And it’s also a great way to have fun in the kitchen, especially when you can get little ones involved too. Check out our range of Easter Egg Making Kits online.

Anyone receiving a home-made egg in these moulds is sure to appreciate the care and time you’ve put in, but they’re actually surprisingly simple to make – just melt, mould and decorate. Here’s how we made ours…

Melt (and temper if you want to) most of our kits the chocolate is already tempered. But check this out our own Libby Bates shows us all how to do it like to temper like pro

Place your chosen chocolate (we used Callabeut Chocolate Chips) into a bowl and place over a pan of very hot (but not boiling) water, ensuring the bowl is not in direct contact with the water. Melt slowly, stirring occasionally.

If you want to temper your chocolate to give it a really professional-looking shiny finish – and make it easier to remove your eggs from the moulds –  use a thermometer or our Thermostick to heat to exactly 55°C. . 

Make sure your moulds are clean and free from any dust or water, then pour your (tempered) chocolate into the mini egg moulds and leave to set.
Spoon chocolate into the large moulds, turn upside down and tap until the whole mould is covered with a thin layer of chocolate. Turn the correct way up and leave to set.

Once set, turn out the smaller eggs and stick halves together with melted chocolate, then carefully turn out each large egg mould using a little chocolate around the edges to join the halves together.


Mix edible popping candy with fun sugar crystals, gold leaf to give it the glam once over, ready made iced flowers or use Candy Mill cocoa butter based colouring to create bright coloured chocolate. Just melt some white chocolate and add a drop at a time (you need to heat it up as its solid like chocolate) and just go wild like this one or may other fave is this one

The 100’s & 1000’s egg. When you have taken it out of the mould, you apply a thin layer of chocolate and roll it round on a lot of sprinkles you will need at least 200g, I put big bags of sprinkles in our kids Easter boxes as I know they will want to have fun with this one


Have fun try our new ideas don’t be shy you can just eat it afterwards

If you’ve had a go at melting and tempering and fancy trying your hand at something a little more complicated, why not give ganache a go? Or truffles fudge all easy and all the recipes are in our updated Easter Edition of the Free Chocolate Makers Guide

Happy chocolate-making, happy chocolate-eating

Greg The Baker

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    Hi Greg , Thanks to tube strike I watched you on London News. Very true what you said. I hope your business picks up before Easter and your staff can get in.

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