Classic Cocktails As Cakes summer 2021

Whether you love a cooling G&T or an old fashioned as your tipple of choice, we have a sweet treat to fit. As part of our new summer range, we have transformed some classic cocktails into fun boozy baking boxes and kits. They have an extra kick we cannot resist and they’re perfect for a grown-up celebration. Different spirits can bring out the best in other ingredients such as chocolate, zingy citrus and aromatic coffee. We’ve also paired up these liquor-laced treats with killer cocktails from the world of Zing range  get your party started.

But don’t worry they come as Mocktails too all the same great flavour just with the hit  of booze so everyone can enjoy a truly Great Britain Baking Summer

Our pina colada cake turns your favourite tropical cocktail into one delicious dessert! coconut rum flavoured cake and frosting paired with pineapple filling and toasted coconut.

Strawberry daiquiri  is the perfect party starter the cake of choice for any girls night in or hen party. A couple of bites and the party will really get started.

Enjoy the nations favourite gin cocktail in the form of a cake, It has all the aromatic flavour of a glass of ‘G&T’, with juniper and lime-flavoured sponges soaked in a gin and tonic syrup, a fluffy citrus frosting and curd icing. With a  white chocolate & lemon drip this is a boozy cake that is sure to impress

Everyone's fave cocktail Espresso Martinis and turned into a cake, combined the two and bam, this gorgeous dessert was created. This easy and simple recipe is perfect for your next dinner party. 

Orange Collins is a  simple cocktail made even more citrusy with the addition of fresh orange curd layer in the middle of orange tonic an gin frosting, just the right blast of sunshine you need in a cake

This light chocolate cake old fashioned had all the hall marks of the cockatiel, a whiskey orange syrup and bitter soaked cake smothered in a light chocolate orange whiskey frosting and whiskey chocolate drip down the sides cakery at its best


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