Britain Loves Baking – Acquires Majority Stake in Bakeware Start-Up

Britain Loves Baking announced it has acquired the early stage start up, The Bakers Bundle, just 3 months after its founder provided part of the seed capital to get the project off the ground.  

The idea for The Bakers Bundle came about when its founders, who trained as chefs and food production managers, tried to source professional quality chocolate making kits. Sounds easy? But in real life, a nightmare. They ended up buying the individual components from 5 different sources. Which took a week to arrive and cost over £100. All this to make some chocolate. They realized that this is the problem that home bakers face. They have the “software” – the recipes, and ingredients; but not the “hardware” to get started.   

By combining the recipe and pre weighed ingredients expertise of Britain Loves Baking, with a range of quality home and professional bakeware and free delivery 6 days a week, they have made it convenient for consumers, to buy and create delicious baked and sweet treats as soon as their bundle arrives the next day or same day within the M25. And by sourcing their bakeware direct from manufacturers and producing a limited range  of recipes at scale, customers get great quality bakeware at the best value and at times up to 70% cheaper than the major retailers.

So that chocolate making kit that was over £100, today it’s  the first in the Bakers Bundle range and has become their Chocolatier’s Bundle Box, at £24 a box. And yes, that is not just the kit, it’s all the ingredients and 10 page chocolate making booklet developed by Britain Loves Baking.

Other Baking Bundles in the range include:

  • The Bakers Bundle, 23-piece Bakeware set & 6 Real Bread Recipes and pre weighted ingredients. - £57.00
  • The Junior Baker’s Bundle, 25 Piece Kids Bakeware set & Cupcakes Cookies Baking Box - £49.00
  • The Cake Makers Bundle, 23-piece cake bakeware, tools and Gin & Tonic Celebration Baking Box - £81.99
  • Deluxe Baker Bundle & 35 piece set & 20 Bakes Family Box
  • The Ultimate Baker Bundle – 50 piece set & 30 Bakes Family Box
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