Ask the Bakers - What can I bake with overripe bananas?

What can I bake with overripe bananas?

Bananas are a staple part of most of our shopping lists - they make a great snack, go with your healthy breakfast, or work blended in a smoothie. But what can you bake with overripe bananas?

Don’t be so quick to throw them in the bin! Bananas that are just this side of too ripe can be perfect for a range of baked creations that are easy and tasty.

Banana bread with a twist

Okay, so this one might sound obvious given that it was The Baked Item of 2020 - especially for those mindful baking moments. But this year, you can put a twist on regular banana bread by making it double chocolate! Nothing is better than the unctuous quality of chocolate combined with rich and flavoursome banana, and double chocolate banana bread uses both cocoa powder and real chocolate broken on to the top of the bread. We suggest delicious Ruby Chocolate to melt onto your chocolate banana bread for that luxurious touch with a slightly fruity note.

Breakfast banana cookies

Cookies are a favourite for every member of the family, and you can use your overripe bananas to make cookies that might even work for breakfast time! Combine them with oats and chocolate for a cookie that can be enjoyed first thing in the morning, or as an on-the-go snack that has a healthy twist.

Banana cake for everyone

One of the exciting things about bananas is that they can be used in vegan baking to replace such diverse ingredients as eggs, butter, or even oil. Bananas really are an incredible ingredient, and using an overripe one at the right time leads to vegan baking heaven. Mixing bananas with your dry ingredients for baking can end up in moreish results!

Opt to create a delicious banana cake that can be made with eggs and dairy or without - add spices and a cream cheese frosting (which is also easy to make dairy-free) for a perfect tea time treat that no one will want to miss out on.

Whatever you choose to do with your blackened bananas, it is sure to be a delicious treat for the whole family.
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