Baking activities for kids to do at half term

Half term is coming up, and it looks like we’ll still be locked down, but don’t panic! Treasure family time away from homeschooling by doing some baking. We have bakeware sets galore, so whether you’re after seasonal dessert boxes, baking gift boxes, or even want to build your own box, look no further, you’re in the right place!

Baking is a great way of developing your child’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial perception. Plus, you can test your kids’ maths skills, as they’ll have to count and measure ingredients. Hands-on experience will also improve their confidence and development, teaching kids to follow directions and problem-solve.

Make some fudge

Perhaps someone in your house has a particular love of fudge, in which case our fudge making kits would be superb! Although their flavours might not be child-appropriate (did someone say Baileys?), kids will love following our easy step-by-step recipes.

Go crazy with chocolate

Or, maybe your family is crazy for chocolate? In which case, don’t forget to check out our decadent ruby chocolate, a rare treat that is extra divine when dribbled over brownies. Speaking of which, kids love baking brownies, which they could pair with strawberries or banana for an extra fruity bite! You’ll also probably have the ingredients already in your cupboards, meaning no taxing trips to the shop.

Opt for easier bakes

Other easy bakes for kids to try are vanilla cupcakes – the blank canvas of a blonde cupcake allows creativity to flourish, and you can stock up on sprinkles, decorations, and sweeties for the kids to get quirky with. If you’re in need of further inspiration for easy, kid-proof recipes, then fairy cakes, butter biscuits, and flapjacks are perfect.

Choose a recipe that doesn't require an oven

Some sweet treats, like rocky road bars, don’t even require an oven – just pop melted chocolate, crumbled biscuit, marshmallows and raisins into a baking tray and leave in the fridge to firm up. For those of you less comfortable with baking, this is a great option, but we’ve also got plenty of other easy-to-follow recipes.

Always remember to keep a watchful eye over sharp knives and hot stoves, but remember the first rule of baking: to have fun!
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