5 Reasons Why Chocolate is The Food Of Love


With so many trends coming and going, there must be something about chocolate that it even today everyone in the world to gives that yummy melt in the mouth treat we all love chocolate on Valentine’s Day especially if you have made it yourself.  It’s a 100-year-old tradition. Men and Women keeping their love letters of their beloved ones in the boxes of chocolates in the attics or basements, left to be found by their kids or grandkids many decades later in the same chocolate box.

Besides roses there is nothing more than a box of beautifully wrapped chocolate, rich in taste and texture, that’s says you love them, but there are actually a number of reasons why chocolates, along with red roses, are the perfect match for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac

Chocolate is considered aphrodisiac food since the time of Aztecs. it said to contain substance that inflames desire and make the beloved one more open to romance. In olden days, this resulted in the tradition in European royalty to give their lovers chocolates mixed with amber to stimulate their love. A recent study, women who eat chocolate are said to show more desire for romance as compared to women who don’t eat chocolates. Well chocolate does release brain soothing chemicals that increase energy and desire levels. Chocolate is proven to produce natural high which elevates mood and often gives you that feeling you in love.

Chocolate is the ‘food for Gods’

Chocolate comes from cocoa tree which is also known as ‘Theobroma cacao’ which is a Greek way of saying ‘food for the Gods’. While we might agree on this term just on the basis of taste, in ancient Maya civilization for which the cacao God was sacred, the term had more of a spiritual and literal meaning. The Aztecs used to cacao beans as money and as food and drink for the privileged, where do you think hot chocolate came from !. So if chocolate is the food fit for the Gods then it might be good enough for your significant other- or even you.

Chocolate makes us all gooey

It’s fact that the chocolates have a huge physiological and emotional effect on people. Giving chocolate is not just a sign of love but also given as ways to express delight, initiate desire, expresses your apologies and rekindle friendship, or even given just to simply uplift the mood as it’s a powerful mood enhancer.

Chocolate, , is good for your health

The darker the chocolate is, the better it is for the health of yours. Dark chocolate can help lower heart diseases. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and flavonoids which fight against the free radicals in the body. Not just that but it also is known to lower the blood pressure and improve the blood flow. Besides health perspective, it is even great for skin as dark chocolate contains bioactive compounds that increase the skin density and hydration. To get the most of out of the health benefits of dark chocolate on the day of love, choose organic dark chocolate with high cocoa content.

We simply love chocolate

Eating chocolate makes you feel as if you have been provided with a bit of escapism from the day to day. It’s not something we have daily, as excess of anything, no matter how many health benefits it has, is not good for you. So its makes all the more special when you treat yourself or indulge occasionally. And I can think of a better occasion than on Valentine’s Day.

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