24 Bakes Till Christmas. the world's first Baking inspired Advent Calender

BritainLovesaking Lunches, 24 Bakes Till Christmas. the world's first Baking inspired Advent Calender

Today 15th of Sept 2021, London-based baking box company is giving everyone a treat with the launch of their innovative "24 Bakes Till Christmas", the world's first baking & treat making Advent Calendar.

Their small range of three limited edition Advent Calendars is hand-packed and presented in 20 small daily treat boxes and four larger boxes, opened every Friday. Where bakers will discover four sharing-size, Christmas-themed bakes. The limited-edition calendars will be made by their newly acquired manufacturing and wholesale business, the Bakers Bundle, and come in Deluxe and Ultimate version and a Vegan version.

Not only does each calendar comes with an array of baking gadgets, silicone moulds, but its ultimate one comes with their very first Britain Loves Baking Christmas candle and room spray. Each is handmade and poured, using eco soy wax and vegan-friendly natural and essential oils and scents. Inspired by the founder's favourite Christmas bakes and exclusively made by British candle makers Wax This Way of Sheffield.  

Homes up and down the country will be awash with Christmassy aromas that are bound to put anyone in a festive mood. Their advent calendar is designed to give everyone enough delicious treats to boost their winter days before Christmas day. The only difference is bakers will be opening boxes and be counting bakes and not sleeps till Christmas this December.

Commenting on the launch Greg Wixted, founder of Britain Loves Baking, said. "The inspiration for our Advent Calendar came from our German Grandmother who would always give us a traditional German Advent Calendar, and behind each door, you'd find a message of kindness which encouraged you to share your daily surprises.

We have kept that essence and reimagined it in a new and innovative way. Open your box to reveal unusual and creative Christmas baking gifts — everything from Cupcakes to Christmas chocolate bars, ensuring that December days are sure to be filled with sweet treats and bakes, and the days will fly by.

So our countdown begins! Celebrate the start of Christmas with Britain Loves Baking, 24 Bakes Till Christmas  Advent Calendar 2021, with over £200 worth of baking goodies including, everting you need to bake: A Christmas Cake Tree, Chocolate Bars, Christmas Cupcakes, Gingerbread Cookies, Cinnamon & chocolate Shortbreads, baking gadgets and much more. 24 Bakes Till Christmas Advent Calendars can be pre-ordered online at Britainlovesbaking.com and irelandlovesbaking.com, Yumbles.com, delishop.co.uk, Boroughbox.com, and selected retailers. 16th of September until the 25th Nov. Customers can pay in 10 instalments over ten weeks or via Klarna Pay, three interest-free Payments.

Wholesale and Trade orders from the Bakers Bundle.com, Creoate.com, Faire.com, and Rangeme.com from 16th of September until the 25th Nov

For more information, visit Britainlovesbaking.com


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